Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waxy Doppelganger

I mentioned how we were feeding and taking photos of the squirrels last year also. Sometimes we put a squirrel candle out on the ledge with some peanuts to see what our furry friends thought of their less-furry counterpart. At first they didn't quite know what to make of it, but eventually they got used to seeing him and it make for some cute shots, this is one of my favorites.

Looking In

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Feast

Last winter I wasn't able to get out very much because of the cold and snow, so one of the things my Mom, Sister and I did was feed the animals outside and take pictures. The squirrels in particular became fans of ours and the peanuts we put on the window ledge. They even got to the point where they would knock on the window for more food, and were unfazed by Ali our Bedlington Terrier's insane barking through the window (Coco our other dog doesn't care what the squirrels do, she's only interested in the neighbor dog 'Reggie').

I was surprised to see that at least some of the squirrels remember the free food from our window, and now that snow has returned to Chicagoland, they have returned for freebies. I was on the computer this morning when I saw this little guy waiting at the window for a treat. I went and got a remnant from a failed attempt at Christmas cookies and put it out on the ledge while he waited for the treat from the cherry tree.

He was happy for the sweet feast and I was happy for a good shot of one of my favorite little backyard critters. This squirrel has been the subject of many of my pictures in the last week or so... or I think its the same squirrel. I am starting to wonder if he will be happy with plain old peanuts again after the burnt cookies are gone.

Eating the Cookie Closeup

Brief Introduction

I love taking photos. I don't generally think of my photos as being that great, but I enjoy taking them. I bought my first digital camera in March of 2005, and have bought 2 more since then. Since I've been sick it is more difficult to carry around a heavy camera I bought a Kodak pocket camcorder to keep in my purse for unexpected shots and videos and have the camera on my HTC Aria.

I used to enjoy getting better shots and doing more exciting things, but my life has changed and so have my pictures. I use my zoom a lot more than I would have before, and my shots aren't always of the most exciting subjects, but I hope you enjoy the things I see and shoot as much as I do. Don't worry I won't bother you with the boring details of my illness, I don't want to write about it just like I'm sure you don't want to read about it.