Friday, January 21, 2011

Froggy Rock Star

I've really been wanting to go out to take photos, but its just too cold and I have no desire to go out for no real reason. Today we had sub-zero temperatures, so I'm staying inside as much as I can.

I did catch this shot of one of my African Dwarf Frogs floating above the little rock in their tank. I actually have a new tank to move them into, I just keep putting off doing it because I'm afraid I'll kill them by doing it. But I don't really want to leave them in the tiny tank they're in either. One day I'll get the courage to move them to their nice new home.

Rock Chair


  1. Rock on little froggy dude! lol

  2. I hope I didn't scare you into not moving them. Ours did fine after they were moved, and we didn't know as much about them when we did it.